Monday, 22 October 2012

First time

Sorry I've not posted anything for a while. The lap top was being rebuilt by my husband in an attempt to save it and I've also been busy sorting my new craft space. I am pleased to say that the lap top has a new lease of life and you can see the craft space below.

The house we live in has a basement and up until now it hasn't been used that often (mostly by the kids for parties and sleep overs) but all this changed Saturday when the newly kitted out space was christened by 12 lovely ladies who came along to October's Christmas Stamp-a-Stack.  Hall hire around here is ridiculously expensive so classes have up until now been held in the dining room and or the lounge. Since I started holding classes in April the number of people attending has grown and the need for more space too, hence the decision to move into the basement.   I spent a couple of months looking at photos on the Internet of other peoples craft space and getting ideas and then took the plunge and decided to go for it.

I've made use of the desk that I already had and also a couple of other pieces including the glass cabinet that got taken to Make It (that's another story) but I bought a few new pieces of furniture from a well known Swedish flat pack furniture company. I also bought a few other items that I had an alternative use for - towel rails for punch holders, DVD rack for my Clear Mount stamp sets, curtain wire for card display etc. I am particularly pleased with the unit on wheels as I can move it around and make more space if necessary (it's made from 3 small units fixed together). It also means that my Big Shot and Simply Scored Scoring Board can stay out and I don't have to keep putting them away whenever I want to use something else.

The room is pretty big and I do have to share it with my son who decided that because it was being redecorated he would move his xbox and other boy stuff downstairs too. But as you can see, there is space for three 6ft tables so there is room for everyone. The only problem that I have run into about room sharing with my son is that he does not like Radio 2 but I'm sure you can guess who wins that argument.

Here I've set up the room for the Christmas Stamp-a-Stack so everything needed is out on each table. Having everything in one big room should in theory mean that I don't have to keep running up and down the stairs looking for something I forgot. The only thing I have to run up and down for now is cups of tea and coffee!

So here is the class in full swing. Actually they had just finished and were enjoying a chat and looking through the new Annual Catalogue.

If you fancy coming along to class then please contact me. Details of classes for the rest of the year are on my Events & Classes page and I will be updating it soon with details for next year.


  1. What a fantastic space!! I'm very envious

  2. Thanks Sue. I have to admit it was worth the wait.


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