Friday, 13 June 2014

What's on your kitchen table?

I don't usually craft on my kitchen table. This week I have been, because I've been keeping my eye on the TV and enjoying some tennis while I make some wedding invitations.

This is what I woke up to this morning. All the cutting, stamping, punching, sponging etc is now done and I simply need to put the invitations together.

I have 140 of these to put together. I've also printed all the inserts (both the day and evening ones) that will slot into the cards behind the doilies.

I've been a bit sneaky with these invitations because the stamp is from a set that retired a couple of years ago (Sincere Salutations). I don't make a habit of keeping my retired stamp sets, but I've had this one for nine years and it's an old favourite that I no intention of parting with. It does however show that despite it's age it still stamps as clearly as when I first bought it.

I'm only going to spend a few more hours finishing the invitations today as I have a class tonight and tomorrow morning that I need to finish preparing for. I'll share photos of those projects soon.

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