Saturday, 20 September 2014

Today's the Day

I've managed to wake up really early this morning as there is one more thing I need to do in preparation for today's All Day Craft Event. I need to print off the instructions for all the projects that people will be making.

I took a couple of photos yesterday of my craft room with everything set out. This is what it looked like. Most definitely the calm before the storm, as there will be 12 of us (including me and Carol, my brave assistant for the day) down there later!

This photo was taken from the main door, looking into the room.

This photo was taken with my back to Michael's (my son) space. I'm not going to show you that part because it is a bit of a mess simply because I have pushed the sofa into that area (in fact I was half standing on it to take the photo).

I have quite a few projects lined up for everyone to do and here's another sneak peek. I'll share the actual project with you tomorrow.

Don't forget that for this weekend only, I am giving a 10% discount on all those orders placed directly with me. If you live locally to me, you can save on the shipping if you can collect your order. Those who live a distance away will still have to pay the £4.95 shipping but will benefit from the 10% off. Don't forget to call or email me by 8.00 pm tomorrow evening (Sunday 21 September) to place your order.

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