Monday, 23 March 2015

A few swaps to share

On Saturday, Pip and I held our first combined team training for 2015. I know it's already March but this was the earliest we could sync our diaries.

A great day was had by all, even though it got a little fraught half way through when I found out that someone had managed to reverse a trailer full of scaffolding along the back of my car!!! I was not pleased (that's being very polite about it) but at least the guy owned up, so now I just have to leave the insurance companies to work it out.

Here's a couple of photos that Pip took on the day, of people beavering away at their projects.

In the foreground - L to R : Linda. Sheila, Maggie and Helen J

In the foreground - L to R : Jane, Michelle and Karen

Fun was had by all, and I think it's pretty safe to say that the most fun was had when they all got a little inky with the shaving foam. There were a few doubts from everyone before they had a go but everyone said afterwards that they had fun doing it and had plans to go "borrow" their husbands shaving foam for future projects.

I'm not going to share the shaving foam card with you as I want to use that technique at May's Regular Monthly Class but I do promise to share it with you then.

Anyway, here are the fantastic swaps that I received.

L to R : Maggie and Jane

L to R : Pip and Carol

L to R : ?? and Tracy-Ann

L to R : Helen J and Hilary  (think that's the right way round)

L to R : Linda and Suzanne



L to R : Helen W and Michelle 
L to R : ?? and Sara



I'm going to leave you to figure out what stamp sets were used. It's fun to see stamp sets in a different light from that used in the catalogue, and you therefore get new ideas or suggestions as to what else you can do with them. I can tell you however tell you that my card breaks my New Year's Resolution of posting only cards that I have made using one stamp set, as I used three!!

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