Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Not a card but just as pretty

Some of you may already know, but I lived in San Diego for some 6 years. My husband's work takes him back there on a regular basis and last year he spent nearly six months there in total. We are lucky because we have a house in La Jolla (which is where I am now), so when he decided that he had to come over again it was a case of if you can't beat them, join them.

A view of downtown San Diego from our balcony

I don't have much Stampin' Up! stash over here. Although SU is an American company I should only buy product through SU UK. It is tempting to stock up while over here but I have resisted the urge on the basis that I'm not here that often and I can still get my own demonstrator discount back in the UK. Did you know that demonstrators receive a 20% discount on items in the Catalogues and if you join and spend more than £150 on your first order within 45 days of joining you receive a 30% discount? Click on this link for more information - Join My team.

Today's post contains photos of some of my favourite plants here in San Diego - taken around the neighbourhood. They are that I used to have in my old garden over here (this house doesn't have a garden as such). I was hoping to manage to get a photo of the hummingbird that visits our pine tree but no such luck just a picture of where the hummingbird has been!

Please note I am not a gardener - I love plants and know what I like, I'm just no good at remembering names nor am I keen enough to go look up the latin/botanical names for things. So, apologies if I have the names wrong.

Honest - there was a Hummingbird!

Bottlebrush Tree

Iris of some sort but can't remember it's name

Bougainvillia - gorgeous flower but horrid long thorns

Very pretty but part of the onion/garlic family so it stinks if you crush it

Bird of Paradise - or Strelitzia (remembered that one!)


Cactus of some sort - the long bit is it's flower!
There are tons more flowers that I remember fondly from living here - jasmine, calla lilies and canna lilies (not to be confused but they are different plants). I've just not been able to find any in the neighbourhood to photograph. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed a quick look around here.

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