Saturday, 25 May 2013

Off on my travels with my Epic Day stash

Today I am heading to the USA to take my daughter to visit a couple of colleges that have offered her a place this coming August/September.

I will be taking my new This and That Journal with me along with some of the other Epic Day products. So far I have started to decorate the front of the journal with some of the 12 x 12 Epic Day This and That Designer Paper, and I've put the off cuts from this and from the cards that I've made into one of the handy envelopes so that I have some paper to start to decorate the inside.

You can see for yourself some of the pages and pockets in the journal.

The front cover that I've started to decorate

The reverse of the first page has a handy pocket with 2 envelopes - handy for putting those important, must not  lose pieces in. The pocket holds some of the larger pieces of scrap too.

Lots of lovely pages

A handy pocket at the back to hold the set of stickers

This is what I'm taking with me - no scissors though as it's hand luggage only.  I want to travel light!
Yesterday I mentioned that I am planning a little quiz over the next few days and there will be a little something going in the post to everyone who emails me with the right answers.

The Rules are:

1. Each day, starting Monday,  there will be a clue on that day's post as to where I had been the previous day - it could be pictorial or a word clue. Make a note of the answer (name of the City/Town) and also the title of the day's post that the clue was in.

2. On Saturday 1 June I will post and confirm how many answers I am expecting. In theory there should be 4 answers. But, there may be a day that gets missed if I can't get on the internet to add a photo or clue.

3. On Sunday 2 June, email me with your answers (don't forget to include the name of the post) no later than 10 pm. If you get them all right I will send you a little something.

Other news - I am sorry to have to tell you, but the online store has been taken off line while some amendments are made to the site. I am sorry for this inconvenience. Stampin' Up! are working as quickly as possible to get the site up and running again, but we have been told that it could be a couple of weeks. I am going to leave the link live as it currently takes you to a message from Stampin' Up! and the link will go back to the store as soon as it is up and running again.

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