Wednesday, 27 November 2013

More Convention News

So, Friday night was award night. We all got to dress up - some people went completely over the top with long dresses etc but I decided to be a little more informal.

As we entered the conference centre we were greeted by some of the staff from the Home Office and Demo Support and were each given our own country's flag to wave. Here's Chris, he is one of the team from Demo Support in Germany. He and Andre (not pictured) look after us UK demo's, and they do a brilliant job of it.

Friday night is our chance to applaud all the demonstrators who received some form of recognition because of their great leadership or sales.  There were quite a few from the team who got to "walk the walk" across the stage, including our esteemed leader, Natalie (she of the star impersonation in the previous post). And I have to thank my fantastic downlines because I got to go up for a leadership award.  I have to admit that I was going to give it a miss but there was quite a few of us and I thought that I would be able to slip through unnoticed. It didn't quite work that way because we were all asked to walk heads held up high and wave, and like a good girl I did!!!

Not quite the royal wave, but at least I did it!
I have a small team of lovely downlines, but we are growing and I'm proud to say that I'm even a Stampin' Up! great-grandma now.

After the awards it was off to the after party. We all had a great time messing around in the photo booths. I can honestly say I've not laughed as much or as hard in ages.  I'm not sure that I can show you all of the photos, but here is one.

We had 10 seconds between each photo to change hats, glasses etc. In normal circumstances that would be fine but we were laughing so much it proved impossible.

Anyway, enough of Friday night. I am sure you are really wanting to see some more ideas and inspiration. So here's a few more.

I'm sorry to say that with the exception of the last one, I can't tell you who made these cards as they were pinned to boards. The last card was made by Marine Wiplier from France. Marine made this card as one of the Workshop Wows. It is really cute and there were other examples made by her that were pinned to the boards.

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