Monday, 4 August 2014

Home from home - a closet stamper

Today, I thought I would share my US crafting cupboard with you. I don't have the luxury of my own craft room here in the USA, but my husband has "allocated" me a cupboard in the study.

I have slowly been kitting out the cupboard so that not everything is hidden away in boxes (and impossible to find) and this is what it currently looks like.

If you are wondering, George has converted one of the bedrooms into a study but all the built-in cupboards are fitted out as wardrobes. A little strange I know, but over here you are not allowed to call a room a bedroom unless it has a fitted wardrobe (or closet as they call it here).

The top shelf has all my Catalogues, card stock, designer series paper and Stampin' Trimmer . I bought myself a white caddy to hold all my Washi Tape.

The second shelf down has an organiser that I purchased to hold my punches, Stampin' Write Markers and my Blendabilities. It has two drawers in it that hold my ribbons as I only bought a metre or so of each with me from the UK.

I've not found anything to hold my ink pads. I'm still on the hunt and have my eye on something. I just need to check to see if it will fit in the gap that the stamp sets are currently occupying. I've used this shelf to display some of the projects that I have made this trip. I'll share a couple more of them with you over this next week. Although you can get a sneak peek from the photo.

The rest of the shelves are a work in progress (actually a total mess) but you get the general idea from the photo at the top.

My only problem now is plucking up the courage to use the desk as it is really shiny and I would hate to scratch it. Think I might have to go find a large cutting mat or something similar. The one I have is really tiny and I'm not the neatest of crafters. I'm one of those people that the more space I have the messier it gets and looks as I can start and hold multiple projects in the one area. Think I'm going to have to work smarter and neater - that's so not going to happen!


  1. Fiona, do you have multiples of a lot of things (like ink, Big Shot, punches, etc.) or do you use up your luggage allowance to take them back and forth with you? I am so intrigued by it all! See you soon, Katie xxx

    1. Hi Katie, I've brought ink pads over and left them on the basis that once travelled I don't want to risk it again and it's cheaper than having to replace clothes should the ink pads leak. I do however double bag them just in case. Stamps and other things I tend to take backwards and forwards with me in my hand luggage but I do have a small supply of sets here and punches too - the ones I usually use a lot of. Over the last couple of years the kids have brought me some non SU punches (but they are same size, shape etc) and a Big Kick (same as a Big Shot but different colour) too for birthdays and Christmas so I'm not dragging everything back and forth. Not sure that a could take a Big Shot in my hand luggage allowance!

    2. Thanks, Fiona. I did wonder about the Big Shot! I'm just waiting on my seasonal catty pre-order as it's been in "picking" most of the week. I just want them to send it already! I have far too much craft stuff as it is, though, I don't know how I'd cope having my stash in two countries! (Though it might mean it would get used up better as more of it would be accessible...) I do hope you take crafting with you to do on the plane ;)


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