Sunday, 7 September 2014

Super excited for Team Training

Today is our team training and a lazy Sunday is just not on the cards.

Pip and I finished all the cutting and preparing on Friday and I've just completed all the finishing touches to my craft room.

Here's Pip with all the goodies laid out ready for putting in the bags.

Last night I finally finished my swaps and managed to play with my birthday present from my mother (thanks Mum). I bought myself one of those pop-up photo studios with the money she gave me. The hope is that I can make my photos look a little more professional. No more running around the house finding the best spot to take a photo depending on what the weather is doing outside.

This is my temporary set up - on the kitchen table. With no-one around it did not matter where I set up but I do need to find a more permanent location where I can leave it up.

I had to leave all my swaps to dry before I could package them - the back of the sofa came in really handy for that.

Here's my first photo taken using the "proper" equipment. I have lots to learn but considering it was taken very late last night, it's not a bad first attempt.

This is my swap and I'll share some of the others I receive over the next couple of days. The greeting on the card comes from the Good Greetings Stamp Set. This is the stamp set that you could receive for holding a party between now and 31 October 2014.

Here's the details of the other products used:

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