Saturday, 31 January 2015

I'm here

Today is our third and final day at Leadership 2015.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to attend this event and I've have met lots of lovely people, many of whom I follow in the blogging world. Others I will be adding to my bookmarks.

Here's some of the highlights so far.

Cayleigh and I with Brian King - what you don't realise is that he is well over 6 ft tall (we are both only just over 5 ft)

I love taking part in the Service Project - this time we were putting kits together for people at the Russell Home here in Florida

Build a Bouquet inspiration board - all made by demo's but I've no idea who (sorry)

The Irresistibly Yours Inspiration Board, again all made by demos but I don't know who

There are over 1100 people attending this event and things get a little manic at times when we are all moving around. I also have to admit I've been a little star struck and have not managed to get many photos of me with people but those I have met have been truly wonderful.

Main Stage just before last night's events

Only part of the auditorium - it's huge!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the few snippets of what's going on in this post. I've yet to take photos of all the wonderful swaps that I've received and have decided to leave that until I get home as the lighting in the hotel room is not the best.

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