Friday, 4 September 2015

Playing Catch Up

Well, the trip back to the UK didn't quite go as planned. The flight was late (again) and arriving back into the UK the day after the Bank Holiday was not a good idea because everyone else was doing the same.

I've spent the last two days playing catch up on all my household errands and chores that I've neglected over the past couple of months. So this morning was the first time I was able to sneak into my craft studio. This is what awaited me.

The boxes have accumulated over a couple of months and not everything was my Autumn/Winter order. Even so, opening the boxes is always fun.

This is the contents of the boxes. Everyone is in for a treat when they come to classes or events over the next few months.

I'm back off downstairs now to make some cute cards to send out with the Autumn/Winter catalogues and to finish putting all the packages together to send out with the catalogues.

See you soon.

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