Friday, 13 November 2015

Greetings from Brussels

Apologies, this was supposed to post this morning but iffy internet access meant I had to leave it until now.

Well, I made it to Brussels with my suitcase packed with few clothes and two boxes of swaps! My general swaps were gone in a little under 40 mins - all 50 of them. I've not yet had time to take a photo of all the swaps that I received in return but thought you might like to see some photos from Thursday (yesterday), which was the first day.

Just to prove I am here

Outside of The Square - swaps all done but waiting to be let into the auditorium. There are some 580 demonstrators here, mostly from Europe but some have travelled from the USA, Canada, and Australia. Australia... can you believe it? That's one heck of a long way to travel.

Here are all are, waiting for the start. We (Esther, Helen and I) got in a little late so ended up sitting in the "cheap" seats right at the back. The view was not that bad though thanks to the video screens, as you can see from the following photo which has Rich Jutkins (President and COO) doing a little bit of stamping. There was certainly a lot of cheering and laughing going on during his presentation. It was a riot.

Rich and a couple of other presenters gave us a sneak peek of the goodies in the 2016 Spring/Summer catalogue and also the 2016 Sale-A-Bration Catalogue. I'm not allowed to reveal details but I can say that I do now have a copy of both, and you are going to love them.

One of the things I love about going to these events is that I get to meet up with friends that I only get to see at these times and Thursday evening was special. Thanks to my customers and team members I get to attend the CentreStage events again this year (it was called something different last year). The evening was spent cruising the canals of Brussels. As you can see, the lighting on the boat was a little weird and we all looked a little pink. Even the food looked very pink  - don't worry I'm not going to share those photos.

I am part of a larger team called the Stampin' Stars and our upline Natalie O'Shea bought as all a star that's registered in the Star of Fame Database. Here's a better picture of my star.

Day two is now looming and I'll be posting about this soon.

Fiona  x

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