Sunday, 8 May 2016

Proud day

I don't often share family stuff on here but this has to be one of those exceptions to the rule.

I wanted to share because many of you have come to know Jenny over the years either because she came and did a class with you all, or was good enough to make the teas and coffees for those attending.

I have to admit that the last three years have been challenging at times, but last night we proudly watched Jenny graduate from Michigan State University - GO GREEN.

She has graduated with a BSc in Animal Science and tomorrow we are off on a 1100 mile road trip down to Jacksonville, FL were she has a 3 month internship at the zoo there. Never fear, I won't be staying there, I'm simply sharing the driving with her and helping her settle into her new home for the next three months (or so).

I'm pleased to say that Jenny shares my love of crafts. Traditionally (one not known to me) graduates decorate the top of their caps - I guess so that loved ones can pick them out from the sea of students.  This is what she did with hers.

There are no graduation cards available as yet in the shops in the UK. And, there would be shock horror and disgust if I was to give her a shop bought one anyway.

One of Jenny's passions is wild life conservation and in particular Rhinos. She currently has my Mum crocheting a Rhino, but we won't go into that at the moment!

After scratching my head trying to figure out what sort of card to make, I decided on a non-traditional one. This is what I came up with.

I used the Rhino from the Zoo Babies stamp set,  and a greeting from the Feels Good stamp set. Both of these are on the Retirement List.

Some of you may not recognise the colour of the cardstock and ink that I used. This is because it's one of the new 2016-2018 In Colors - Emerald Envy. I choose it simply because it's the closest to the MSU green.

Jenny laughed when she saw the inside of the card because a number of her friends had put the same wording on the top of their caps.

I now have hundreds of photos to go through and make an album of. No doubt there will be a fair few more over the next few days. Thank goodness for Project Life.

Fiona xx

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