Thursday, 13 April 2017

Swaps from OnStage Live in Amsterdam

One of the great things about going to an OnStage event is the meeting and swapping with other demonstrators. A great thing about going to an OnStage Live event is that you get to meet demonstrators from other countries.

I hadn't planned to make swaps for OnStage but in the end I had a few kits left from the recent Card & A Cuppa so I decided to make these up. In all I had 12 swaps to give away and these are what I received in return.

You will notice that there are in fact 13 swaps. I received a special one from Donna Griffiths when she sat at our table for dinner at the Centre Stage event. Donna is one of the lovely people who came over from the home office and presented some of the new products and other things on stage. She didn't go home empty handed because I gave her one of my wow swaps (I'll share them another day).

The cards above were received from Claire Dupre (top) and Rosalien Zwackhalen (bottom).

These cards were received from (going clockwise from top left) - Fiona Stanton,  Catherine Blond, Sabine Lehmann and Morgane ???

These are the cute 3D swaps that I received. I hadn't planned on receiving 3 D swaps simply because I was travelling with just hand luggage and didn't have much room.  Anyway, the swaps are from Stephanie Courtonne (the sandwich box), Sophie Le Touzic the box with hot air balloons, Heike Schoon the tag and bag with hundreds & thousands, Anna Sposato the cute raindrop gift bag, Sandra Roberts the Sweet Sugarplum box, Donna Griffiths the cute vellum gift envelope and last but not least Michele Duscha the Celebrate Onstage folder.

I had the foresight to double check the contents of all the 3D items before I flew home and sadly had to ditch the sparkler in the Celebrate Folder and put the body lotion from the Sweet Sugarplum box in my bag of 100ml or less toiletries, for security purposes.

I had to laugh when I opened my suitcase. Sadly the bag containing the hundreds & thousands did not make it home in one piece.  I found out that the bag had split and all the hundreds & thousands had found their way around my bag and into my clothes.

If you are wondering where I got my wonderful background from. I kept my placemat from our Centre Stage lunch on Saturday and brought it back with me!

I still have my WOW swaps to share with you and I'll do this another time.

Fiona xx

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